Updated: May 6

My love for spin was not instant. I took my first spin class in high school and honestly despised it. I couldn't catch the beat, my legs were going slow, and I was winded the whole time. I truly couldn't wrap my head around how the instructor's legs were going so fast.

Fast forward 6 years later and I'm hooked. I started going to B/SPOKE Studios the summer of 2018. I took my first class with Aly Raymer. I walked into the studio, the lights were low, and a song by a Tribe Called Red was bumping - I was immediately obsessed. I was definitely struggling to keep up and catch the beat, but something about the energy was so inspiring and motivating. So I came back - again, and again. Next thing I know I was going multiple times a week (& I finally caught the beat)!

Then in the Spring of 2019, I received an email with an application attached. It was an application to become an ambassador for B/SPOKE. I was soo flattered and very surprised. I applied, had the interview, and was offered the position. I was so so excited.

As an ambassador, my job is to engage with the community, bring new clients to experience the studio, and share my love for B/SPOKE.

I recently had a bunch of friends come to a class with me (I can give you your first class free!), and they were saying that my legs were going so fast and telling me that I should teach. I was so happy. To think about how I felt in my first class, and now my friends are telling me I should teach!? So motivating. Who knows, maybe I'll become a cycle instructor some day?

I think it's so important to find something that you are truly passionate about. Something that sparks joy, and makes you feel alive. For me, that's B/SPOKE. The energy, the community, the sweat.

How to get a free class!

Purchase a single class drop in, all access or cape. ($29 at wells & bos - $24 at cape)

Then add my promo code - GUESTOFSEL

The free class will generate, and you just need to book your bike!


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